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ERP software optimized for the apparel, footwear and sewn products industry since 1984. Xperia's highly scalable software runs companies from startups to billion-dollar corporations.
Apparel & Footwear Enterprise Software Built on Experience Since 1984
Apparel Software Solutions
ERP software optimized for the apparel, footwear and sewn products industry since 1984. Xperia's highly scalable software runs companies from startups to billion-dollar corporations.
ERP for Apparel & Footwear
Operate Seamlessly. Operate with Xperia.
A true end-to-end ERP solution 
COMPREHENSIV™ Enterprise System
backed by 30 years of apparel & footwear software excellence
Xperia's apparel ERP software is an end-to-end enterprise solution for footwear and apparal companies.
Manage Your Global Supply Chain
Today's leading apparel and footwear companies demand an ERP solution that easily manages raw material and finished goods orders throughout the global supply chain. COMPREHENSIV™ Enterprise System  seamlessly adapts to supplier delays and scheduling changes by reallocating projected inventory to minimize the impact on your customers. 

Xperia's Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications allow for quick and efficient creation of domestic and offshore purchase orders. They enable you to optimize your supply side performance by integrating data from across the enterprise value chain. Responsive analytics increase visibility into the complete procure-to-pay process, including comprehensive spend and procurement analysis, supplier performance analysis, and supplier payables analysis.
ERP Features - SCM / Supply Chain Management
On-line creation of purchase orders / Automatic creation of bill of material requirements at material level / Complete purchase order history / Pricing in base or foreign currency; Provides complete costing information / Reports on duty, freight and special handling / Provides all information regarding transportation / Robust letter of credit controls

ERP Benefits
Monitor price, delivery, and product quality to establish best performing suppliers / Enhance insight into supplier performance / Provide a holistic view of procurement and spending / Improve contract usage and compliance / Gain detailed visibility into direct and indirect spending, and identify opportunities for consolidation and reduction of costs / Improve procurement performance / Reduce corporate spending through stronger strategic sourcing initiatives / Identify procurement bottlenecks and proactively take corrective action / Reduce costs, enhance profitability, increase customer satisfaction, and gain competitive advantage
Supply Chain Management / SCM
SCM-Apparel Supply Chain Management software by Xperia is designed to help you better manage your global supply chain
Our supply chain management software for the apparel & footwear industry allows for quick and easy creation and management of domestic and offshore orders.
Manufacturing/Production Management
Seamlessly Manage Your Manufacturing, Importing, and Contracting Activities
Xperia's Production Management applications provide a unique and comprehensive suite of apparel and footwear ERP functions to manage all manufacturing phases of your product life cycle. Whether you are a domestic manufacturer, importer or use domestic contractors our software lets you track labor, overhead, material, and related costs for all your production activities. 

From initial design and engineering through work-in-process to cost and quality management you can take control of your production scheduling problems and maximize shop floor throughput while optimizing resource investment. Optimize the usage of your critical resources, calculate realistic and feasible schedules that the shop floor can execute, and easily determine the schedule that best meets your objectives.

ERP Features - Manufacturing / Production Management
BOM / MRP / Capacity Planning / Shop Floor Controls / Automatic adjustments of raw materials for variances to production/sourcing plans / Project and monitor production/sourcing requirements by manufacturing periods or by master plan / Monitor production orders real time via a browser interface, to track status of customer orders / Define and evaluate variable costs throughout sourcing process, to include duty, freight and commission / Deploy tools that provide flexible shop floor control, total materials management, and resource and transaction tracking / Supports discrete, process, and lot-based manufacturing without the need for extensive configuration / Optimize production capacity, from raw materials through final product - regardless of manufacturing methodology / Configure customer orders, optimize subcontracting, and manage for cost, quality, and compliance / Quickly pilot new designs into production with a complete change control system / Automatically transfer engineering specifications into production items, bills of material, and routing / Collect, distribute, and analyze critical quality data. Measure yield, track defects, and monitor supplier performance / Manage Work in Progress / Support complex cost valuation, simulation, and margin analysis with comprehensive cost accounting

ERP Benefits
Maximize throughput of bottleneck resources / Improve shop floor performance / Quickly determine the best production schedule / Implement quickly by leveraging out-of-the-box integration / Optimize performance, streamline support, and maximize return on your investment / Consistently maintain inventories at proper levels / Reduce order-cycle times / Improve customer relations / Increase commitment to promise percentages / Identify cost variances and maintain profit margins
Learn more about our production management software for the apparel and footwear industry
Inventory Management
Reduce Inventory Costs While Improving Service 
Xperia's ERP solutions provide in-depth, real-time views and tracking of all inventory transactions. With Xperia you have complete visibility, flexibility and configurable transactional support providing up-to-date information within your integrated supply chain. You'll be able to better manage and control inventory level costs while improving fulfillment expectations across your entire organization.

Gain control over inventory replenishment and ensure that you have enough on hand to fill anticipated orders, while keeping excess stock to a minimum. Increase operational efficiency by streamlining inventory management processes such as replenishment, order fulfillment, manufacturing, inventory counting, and service through tailored user interfaces, business processes, active alerts, and intelligent messaging.
ERP Features - Inventory Management 
Raw Material, WIP, Sub-Assembly, and Finished Goods Finished component tracking / Consigned, Vendor Managed and Project-Based inventory tracking / Bin and lot management, landed cost, demand-based replenishment, multi-location features / Classification by user-defined category / Comprehensive costing methods / Inbound, outbound, and reverse logistics transactional support / Manufacturing, distribution and after-market service environments / Active Alerts for proactive management of supply chains / Complete audit trail of all inventory changes / Tracking of goods through quality, rejects and returns / Physical inventories may be taken without affecting production

ERP Benefits
Real-time visibility into demand, supply, costs and fulfillment measures and trends / Manage margins with a clear view into inventory costs, turn rates and inventory profitability / Significantly improve your relationships with suppliers, vendors and partners by providing self service and real-time visibility / Effectively and efficiently meet customer demand, helping drive and maintain superior customer service levels / Slash inventory costs by tightening control of stock levels while increasing operational efficiencies / Provide real time global inventory visibility and enable users to find product by location, cost, project, grade, lot, serial number and other material attributes such as style and color
Apparel inventory management software designed to reduce inventory costs and improve inventory control
Apparel Inventory Management features include raw material, WIP, sub-assembly and finished goods tracking, plus many more useful features
We believe your fashion ERP solution should help you solve your business challenges, not force you to change your processes to adapt to the software. And it should seamlessly support rapid sales growth even if you grow into a worldwide enterprise with $billions in revenue.

Xperia's Comprehensiv™ Enterprise System delivers that and more. It’s incredibly robust, reliable and scalable. Backed by 30+ years of apparel and footwear ERP experience, our solutions efficiently addresses virtually every software challenge your growing firm may encounter. Best of all, it's so easy to use that even a start-up company will quickly become proficient with it.
Gain control of your business
Gain control of your business with footwear and apparel production planning, importing, and contracting software by Xperia Solutions
Warehouse Management / WMS
Streamline Warehouse Operations & Logistics
Xperia's Warehouse Management (WMS) Applications handle all inbound and outbound movement of inventories including Raw Material, WIP and Finished Goods. Our applications will enable your organization to simplify operations and recoup lost profits by streamlining warehouse operations and logistics while integrating them into the rest of your company.

Xperia's ERP WMS applications will enable your warehouse and logistics operations to adapt quickly and easily to customers' changing behaviors. Customers want to conserve operating cash in a constrained credit market and your warehouse management systems must respond quickly. 

Now, with demand returning, businesses that have reduced their inventories to record lows are struggling to get their supply chains back up to speed. As your business model rapidly changes, the expectations for warehousing and logistics change too. With a broad range of functionalities that link customer service requests to production and allocation systems, companies can now obtain complete visibility to successfully complete all pick and pack operations.
ERP Features - WMS / Warehouse Management Systems 
Materials management functionality from the most basic to the most advanced planning, scheduling and tracking controls for inventory from manufacturing, distribution centers and warehouse locations / Inter-company and in-transit allocation and tracking / Comprehensive warehouse case, package, and container labeling, coding and tracking / Extensive inbound and outbound container tracking and documentation generation / Vessel and container tracking including customer documentation and vessel maintenance / Inbound, outbound, and reverse logistics transactional support

ERP Benefits
Improved visibility of material movement throughout supply chain / Synchronized communications, cash and material movement / Improve inventory accuracy and labor productivity while reducing overall warehousing and distribution costs / Improved service levels and product availability / Reduce inventory safety stocks between facilities / Operational flexibility, optimized warehouse processes, and pre-integration of advanced warehouse technologies--all at the lowest total cost of ownership / Transform logistics into a source of competitive differentiation through increased agility / Improve warehouse speed and efficiency while increasing customer service levels by optimizing core warehouse functions / Reduce costs of handling process exceptions and business changes

Xperia's Warehouse Management and Inventory Management software is desiged to streamline your warehousing and logistics operations
Contact us to schedule a demo of our apparel ERP software tailored to the needs of the apparel, footwear, and sewn products industries.
Customer Management, Order Processing, EDI
Achieve Higher Levels of Customer Service
Customer expectations are rising as technology provides new opportunities to improve customer satisfaction. Today, it's important to provide your customers, sales representatives and suppliers with multiple channels by which they can transact business. They want to be able to decide whether to use a phone, email, EDI or the Internet to to place orders easily and conveniently access order and product information.

Providing various "touch points" and managing the flow of information presents a challenge to building customer intimacy and loyalty. Xperia's ERP solution provides consistent service levels and real-time information access wherever and however customers demand.
ERP Features - Customer Management, Order Processing, EDI
Web-based customer service and e-commerce solutions integrated with our Comprehensiv™ Enterprise System / Choice of multiple sales order entry methods / B2B online order processing module with pricing and order history securely associated with customer via secure log in / B2C website interface seamlessly communicates real-time product availability to your website / Upload, attach and associate files of virtually any type to customers, customer orders, and payments / Intuitive, easy-to-use interface for all order entry, retrieval, and customer-related information / Fastest EDI transmissions available 24/7 with interfaces to hundreds of trading partners.

ERP Benefits
Integration: leverage the accessibility of the Internet with business applications that manage the information your customers, sales representatives, and suppliers need to easily transact business with your company in the manner they prefer / Respond quickly to critical customer issues / Receive up-to-date information on sales, service, and promotional pricing activities / Maintain the integrity and manage the flow of real-time customer and order information to all corners of your enterprise
Customer management footwear and apparel ERP software designed to help your company achieve higher levels of customer service
Xperia's apparel ERP software includes powerful customer management features, including EDI and multiple forms of order processing
Financial Management & Accounting
Gain Greater Visibility to Business-Critical Information
Xperia's suite of ERP financial applications enables users to significantly leverage timely and more accurate financial information while reducing maintenance and operational costs. Built to create meaningful and actionable information, our applications offer businesses of all sizes an integrated, global financial management system for a very low total cost of ownership. 

Flexible enough to grow and change with your business, Xperia Financial Management provides advanced functionality to manage both simple and complex financial operations.

Our integrated ERP solution lets you leverage best practices to achieve world-class finance processes and delivers greater visibility into business-critical information.

Accounting ERP software to help your apparel or footwear company achieve better financial management
Background - financial management accounting software for apparel and footwear manufacturing and importing companies


General Ledger, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, Sales Ledger, Cash Application, Credit Management, and Purchase Ledger

  • General Ledger Controls
  • Creation of G/L-Related Databases
  • G/L Processing
  • Control & Statistics
  • Accounts Receivable / Sales Ledger Module
  • Cash Application
  • Credit Management
  • Management of Unauthorized Deductions
  • Accounts Payable / Purchase Ledger
  • 3-Way Match with Variance Reporting
  • Creation of Vendor-Related Databases
  • Payment Processing
  • Payment Control Statistics
  • Creation of Payroll Database
  • Tracking of Incentive Pay (source to gross)


Loads of Customizable Reports
  • Over 250 reports included 
  • Reports can be customized to fit specific business needs 
  • Reports can be sent via e-mail in HTML, PDF, Word, Text or Excel formats

G/L Spreadsheet Server
​For Financial Reporting & Analysis done your wayusing MS-Excel linked to ERP G/L files. Also provides data drill down!

Business Intelligence / 
Dashboard Suite
Executive dashboards can span ERP data, plus many other information sources including spreadsheets and online data. Pull from multiple sources to create powerful graphs and charts with instant drill-down to underlying data.


Speed the Budgeting Process
With Xperia budgeting tools and capabilities, a safe, error-free environment expedites the budgeting process while providing a comprehensive view of corporate data.

Complete Budgeting Control
​Xperia gives you complete control over the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of your corporate budgeting, planning and forecasting process. Integrates budgeting, reporting, planning, scenario management, dashboards, and in-depth analysis capabilities, providing a forward-looking view of company performance to stakeholders across the organization.
A robust ERP financial management system optimized for the apparel & footwear industry
This covers only a portion of the capabilities of Xperia's financial management ERP solution. Contact us today to learn more!
Contact us to learn more about Xperia's finance and accounting ERP solutions for the apparel, footwear and sewn products industries
Contact us to learn more about our ERP software for the apparel and footwear industry
Contact us to learn more about Xperia's ERP Supply Chain Management software solutions for the apparel and footwear industries
Contact us to learn more about Xperia's ERP solutions for the apparel and footwear industries
Xperia's financial management apparel ERP system contains a full suite of financial applications designed to provide full financial control of your apparel or footwear company
Apparel ERP software designed to enable your warehouse and logistics operations to rapidly adapt to your customers' changing behaviours.
Contact us to schedule a demo of our apparel ERP software tailored to the needs of the apparel, footwear, and sewn products industries.
Contact us to schedule a demo of our apparel ERP software tailored to the needs of the apparel, footwear, and sewn products industries.
Xperia's apparel ERP software solutions are built upon 30 years of apparel and footwear industry experience.  Contact us to learn why our stable and highly scalable apparel ERP software has been the choice of leading apparel and footwear manufacturing and importing companies since 1984. ERP modules include EDI, order processing, customer management, supply chain management (SCM), warehouse management systems (WMS), inventory management, ERP-based accounting and financial management, and much more. 
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