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ERP software optimized for the apparel, footwear and sewn products industry since 1984. Xperia's highly scalable software runs companies from startups to billion-dollar corporations.
Apparel & Footwear Enterprise Software Built on Experience Since 1984
Apparel Software Solutions
Implementation Services & Methodologies
Experienced Knowledge Management is the foundation to our Customer Service. We see our success through your success.

System Implementation Services
Xperia provides an implementation guide to help customers integrate the Comprehensiv™ ERP solution into their business. Software Analysts assist with the implementation and use of the software by evaluating business operations and matching the software's capabilities to the company's business practices. Our implementation team provides project management assistance to help you quickly realize the return on your software investment. 

Techniques we employ include implementation planning, execution, employee training, management training and process re-engineering. Implementation services include the installation of hardware, software, establishing network connectivity and data conversion. Given that Xperia takes a long-term view of its customer relationships, we work hard to fulfill the needs of your company today as well as to help you realize your company's vision.
Apparel & Footwear Software
Operate Seamlessly. Operate with Xperia.
Contact us to learn more about Xperia's ERP solutions for the apparel and footwear industries
Contact us to schedule a demo of our ERP and Business Intelligence software tailored to the needs of the apparel, footwear, and sewn products industries.
ERP software optimized for the apparel, footwear and sewn products industry since 1984. Xperia's highly scalable apparel ERP software runs companies from startups to billion-dollar corporations.
Our ERP implemenation services are tailored to the unique needs of the apparel and footwear industries. Trust Xperia for a quick and complete software implementation for your company.
Contact us to learn more about Xperia's ERP solutions for the apparel and footwear industries
Proven Implementation Methodologies

Phase 1 - Requirements Defintition
This phase consists of gathering business processes and data requirements, interface definitions, and functional specifications that accurately reflect your business needs. We work closely with your team to identify business processes, which are matched to system functionality and used to conduct milestone reviews. The results are finalized into a requirements document and presented for approval.

Phase 2 - Solution Analysis and Design
During this phase, we identify those requirements that must be addressed. This phase consists of analyzing and designing the specific technical components to satisfy your requirements. Plans are outlined for data conversion, testing and acceptance criteria, training, system capacity, and backup and recovery. Upon your review and acceptance of the design, Xperia will proceed with the Development and Testing Phase.

Phase 3 - Development, Testing and Training
If necessary, as components are designed and approved, program modifications begin. Milestones are defined and measured for progress throughout the development phase. The training coordinators, to ensure minimal errors and maximum reliability, perform quality assurance and testing. User training occurs during this phase.

Phase 4 - Operational Assurance Review
This includes performing any required data conversion, conducting a "live" test to demonstrate the completed functional application. Upon acceptance a "go live" production date will be established.

Phase 5 - Go Live
An on-site programming and training support group are available to ensure that any unforeseen issues are addressed immediately.

Key Program Success Factors:

  • Executive Management must lay the ground work by setting objectives and timetables
  • Executive Management must provide accountability for meeting the established objectives
  • Establish a steering committee with key managers from customer service, manufacturing, finance, and IT to set project scope and allocate resources with the ability to approve corporate policy changes.

Consulting Services

It is our experience that many companies encounter business issues that surface after the implementation phase. Our consultants will ensure that the solution purchased will serve you well and will function to meet your every expectation. Xperia staff can help identify problems and address these issues. Whether through training, programming, and / or consulting we have the necessary expertise and will make sure that our solutions are the right fit today and well into the future even as your needs change.

Xperia uniquely provides the right services and solutions to ensure that executives and managers gain the benefits and achieve the results needed to effectively compete in a global economy.
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